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5 Multifunction Copier Features that will Leave You Speechless

A multifunction copier is a must-have tool in both home and office computer rooms. Determining a multifunction copier’s best features before purchasing one is one of the first steps to get the right machine to meet your printing and copying needs. If you are new in the business and office industry, you may not know which copier is perfect for you. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 multifunction copier features that will leave you speechless

1. Print Volume

One of the essential elements you will love about multifunction copiers is they can hold high print volume. Take note that your office’s average volume needs for faxing, copying, and printing can help you know the right type and size of a copier machine that is perfect for your business. If you are running an enterprise-level company, several users, and require heavy print volumes, then look for a multifunction copier with high ppm (page-per-minute) speed and high-capacity paper trays.

Before you make your decision, consider the average printing and copying volume that your office needs. If you plan to avail copier leasing services in Detroit, you may check their service agreements or audit the required tools. This will help you to determine the workgroup of copiers and printing needs of your office employees.

2. Mobile Printing

Considering mobile devices’ innovations, many offices and businesses tend to follow the “Bring Your Device” trend. They believe that this trend can help their employees to boost office productivity. That’s why mobile printing has been the number one requirement in many office environments. This has resulted in the overwhelming number of the latest multifunction copier models that allow individuals to print and copy their files directly from their tablets, mobile phones, and other devices. This second feature of a multifunction copier becomes handy and makes the whole process easy and fast.

3. Upgrade Options

If you ever have tried copier leasing, you know that leasing companies offer copier leasing in Detroit upgrade options. Most multifunction copiers are packed with average features. The good thing is that you can upgrade them if you want to. This will help you to make a copier perfect for your office computer room. When you avail copier leasing in Detroit, make sure to keep an eye on the add-on features that could improve your copier’s overall productivity, efficiency, and capabilities.

4. Scanning Features

Scanning is a necessity for most enterprises and offices. It replaced the faxing feature of a copier. If your office requires a high scanning volume, look for a copier with a faster scanning speed and a more extensive document feeder. You may also avail of an automatic duplexing feeder if you require scanning double-sided files. This feature can boost the scanning speed as it will examine both sides automatically.

5. Paper Handling

An average copier cannot handle large-sized papers. In this case, if your office needs to print large paper sizes, then it would be great if you will look for a multifunction copier that can handle large papers. The CPM (copy per minute) is an important feature that needs to be considered, especially when printing a high volume of files. Multifunction copiers are known to staple pages together, change printing scale, collate pages, and print on both sides automatically.

A multifunction copier can give you loads of benefits as it can do faxing, printing, scanning, and photocopying. These features would save both money and space in your office. But take note that multifunction copiers are quite expensive. So, if you don’t have the money to pay for its upfront cost, consider availing of copier leasing services in Detroit