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Prevent Your Copier from Jamming

Everything was running smoothly at the office. Somehow, everyone has met their deadlines and has submitted quality work on time. The only thing left to complete the whole success cycle is a number of copies that you need to produce. While this may be the only thing that everyone was waiting for, the worse happened. Paper jam! Everyone grew panicky, and so you needed to call maintenance for copiers San Diego just to get it fixed. Also, it caused an uneventful delay that you clearly didn’t need. While paper jams can be resolved, either by you or by a maintenance crew, it could do you a lot of good if you implement simple reminders that could prevent this from happening. 

Do not overload 

One of the primary causes of a paper jam is overloading the tray. Make sure that you do not put a lot of paper in it just to save on the effort of reloading it again. It is recommended that you place half of the ream in the tray and just add the other half later on. This may require you to load twice, but it would be better than having to deal with jammed paper. 

Fan the paper 

Sticky papers are among the primary causes of a paper jam. So make sure that you “fan” the paper before loading them onto the tray. If you don’t do this, there is a possibility that you would have several stuck papers, which are sure to cause a paper jam. So always fan the paper before you load them. 

Avoid heavy paper 

Copiers, like printers, would always have a recommended maximum paper thickness. This means that you would be using paper with a thickness that does not exceed the required maximum. When the paper that you load seems too heavy for the copier, it is very likely to cause a paper jam. So stick to the recommended paperweight. 

Check paper moisture 

Aside from adhering to the proper thickness or weight of the paper, you also have to make sure that the paper isn’t wet. Any trace of moisture must serve as a warning as it can cause a paper jam. To avoid paper moisture, make sure that you store paper in a cool dry place. If it accidentally gets wet, better choose another stack of paper to load and use for your copies. You wouldn’t want to risk a paper jam especially when you are trying to beat a deadline and you need everything to be up and running.

Clean the trays 

Nothing beats smooth copier operation than a clean tray. If you don’t get to maintain the cleanliness of the copier trays, then dirt may find its way into the rollers, which will eventually cause slippage. When this happens, the dreaded paper jam becomes inevitable. So despite your busy schedule, make sure that you get to clean the trays of your copier. As they say, preventing a paper jam is better than having to contact a technician to resolve a jammed copier. 

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Preventing a paper jam is not that hard. You just have to constantly remind yourself of the things that you should do to avoid them. Make sure that you frequently clean the trays to prevent a buildup of dirt. Don’t forget to fan the paper before loading it in the trays. Load half of the ream first and just load the remaining ream when the initial batch has been used up. Also, make sure that the paper is dry and moisture-free. Once you remember all these, you will surely have an easy time using the copier, and paper jams will be avoided.