Are you buying an office photocopier? If so you will want to ensure that you buying the correct copier for your needs then you will want to read about all the features of available photocopiers.

Photocopying: As we all know a photocopiers main job is to make copies of you papers. Most of the copiers no days can make copies at an amazing speed! Most of them can copy at a rate of 20 or more pages per minute. By comparison to an older copier rate of 10 pages per minute that is an amazing speed! As the needs of the world have changed so has the world of photocopiers and MFD’s.

Faxing: All most all of the photocopiers now days are also designed to fax papers also. This allows you to have the connivance of having one machine in the office instead of several. You can deliver papers to an important click in a matter of seconds rather than having to wait days for them to receive the papers through the US postal system. If you have a business that fills orders for your clients then now you can receive your orders in a matter of a few minutes.

Standard Printing: If you need to print papers from your computer you can also use your copier to print from your computer also. All you have to do is set up your network to print to your MFD and it will print from any computer within the network. This feature allows you to reduce the cost of several printers. It also ensures that you can have one central location for going to for all your paper needs.

Networking: Make sure your machine is network ready as this can be an expensive addition. Many new machines offer wireless networking for reducing cable laying.

Fax to Email: In today’s world most of the copiers you can buy now have a fax to email feature.

This feature allows you to receive faxes directly to your email instead of actually printing them out! Sending your fax to your email means that you receive your faxes no matter where you are and what you are doing as long as you have the access to your email. It also means that you will use less paper and less copier ink.

Scanner: Want to copy papers directly to your computer? Then you will want to be sure to get photo copier that has a scanner. You can set it up to where you scan your papers directly to your computer so that you can easily refer back to the documents at any point in time. As you can see there are a ton of features of on today’s MFD’s and photocopiers! Here you have read about some of the most basic features and this list doesn’t include them all. You will want to be sure to read carefully about all the features of a copier before you purchase it to make sure you are purchasing the right copier equipment for your needs.