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3 Best Wide-Format Printers for 2021

A wide format printer is required if you deal with large documents, such as flyers and posters. If you are looking for a wide format printer, check out this list to find a wide format printer that does not sacrifice the print quality in a large size. 

These kinds of printers are capable of printing larger-scale jobs than the conventional ones. And because of this, these devices can be very costly. But to keep you from having to search far and dig, here are the best deals on wide-format printers.

Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 Wi-Fi Printer

Are you a photographer, or do you own a photo printing business? Then you probably need a wide format printer to handle all your photo printing jobs. The larger photo budget printers are preferable, but the Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 is a good choice if you want to scrimp.

Likely, as anticipated, the Epson brand is concentrating on quality print output. Despite having a 200-sheet paper cassette in the rear, a 50-sheet feeder in front is ready to use for printing photos. This made Epson Expression Photo XP-15000 a photo-focused printer.

The 13″ x 19″ borderless, high-quality color range can offer more coverage of HD color, including new red and gray options. This might not be sufficient for most mono-color documents and might be a waste of money when considering the replacement inks’ running costs.

This printer does not have any slots for cards or memory cards, which may be problematic for some. The wired mode might come as a relief for you since you no longer have to manage multiple SD cards.

HP Designjet Z9+ PS 44″ Large Format Colour Inkjet Printer

Giant printing size continues with the HP DesignJet Z9+, which can print on sheets up to 44″ X 72″ in both 2.2″ and 90″ format. There is also a touchscreen, 500GB hard drive, automatic document feeder, and 9-color cut paper capabilities, both of which can be accessed using the touch rollers, for an additional cost.

Thanks to recent advances in printhead technology, HP ink quality is as good as or better than any other brand. One of the benefits of incorporating a spectrophotometer into the work is that it will never require reprints. This Designjet Z9 makes an exceptional job printing on-high resolution.

While speed is, of course important, however, the primary goal of the Designjet Z9+ is to produce great-rather, top-quality output. This advertising a printing speed of nearly one and coverage per square foot (71.4 m²/hr) is higher than that of previous HP models, but it depends on the type of media and printing setting used of course. Additionally, the interface offers both wired and wireless printing as an option.

As expected, this is a device designed solely for professional and large-scale studios and office spaces where high-resolution graphics are essential. The price of the HP DesignJet Z9+ is $4,995. Some distributors may offer a price discount.

Canon imagePROGRAF PRO-1000

This highly adaptable photo printer delivers sizes ranging from a glossy A0 to A2 with exceptional design flexibility. Twelve ink-jet cartridges are used to achieve a professional-level print finish. One at a time, you can see and replace the twelve colors, rather than having to purchase a whole new set when it is gone. The Canon imagePROGRA1000 is ideal for color and black and white photography because it features four inks for monochrome printing.

The printing speed is languid at six minutes per page of A2 size paper, but this can be compensated for using pigment-based ink that yields crisper and sharper images. It has a wide array of connections from USB ports to wireless. You can connect wirelessly via Wi-Fi, with PictBridge, GCP, Google Cloud Print, and PIXMA AirPrint.


Wide-format printers can still preserve the print details and ensure it is crisp and clear, regardless how big the documents are. To let you decide what printers are excellent for your office and business.

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