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4 Ways Digital Legal Document Management and Workflow Helps Law Firms

A typical law firm has thousands of physical documents every single year. The documents can range from motions, pleadings, contracts, trusts, wills, leases, evidence files, deposition transcripts, and more. 

The majority of those paper documents and that information are handled through manual processes, that includes inefficient legal manual processes.

These documents are very important in the legal industry and documents still continue to be a source of problems for firms. According to ABA’s Profile of Legal Malpractice Claims, law firms have not yet solved their legal document management challenges, which is the activity that generates the most claims against firms was filing, preparation and transmittal of documents.  

Not only do poor document processes impact your customer satisfaction and customer service, it also impacts your firm by creating compliance risk and security risk, unrecovered billable costs and unnecessary inefficiencies. 

You and everyone else at the firm need a simple and easy to use system that still has the power to capture, securely store, share, organize and manage any kind of digital or document that is paper-based within a firm’s repository. And you have the chance to get it, with electronic legal document management and document workflow. 

So how can your law firm benefit from electronic document workflow? Here are four ways:

Security and Compliance

Protecting your client’s confidential, sensitive and private information is important to the practice of law and client satisfaction, and it is the law. Non-compliance can eventually result in monetary fines and it can result in imprisonment if the violation is serious. The challenge now is that law firms experience threats from different angles. 

Paper documents are inherently insecure so by replacing them with digital versions, you can help to decrease the risk of exposure. With options such as authentication, encryption and password protection, you can send and receive information safely and securely, and if you or someone else loses a device, you do not have to worry about the security of sensitive information. 

Reduce Costs

Research shows that firms lost up to $16 a day per attorney in unrecovered costs. How many attorneys are there in your firm? Even with 5 attorneys, that will sum up to $30,000 a year loss in cost recovery alone. 

So whether you print and scan costs are rolled into fees or they are itemized and billed, for your firm to accurately compensate is by having visibility into and capturing print volumes and scan volumes, knowing the actual costs, assigning output and knowing the best way to charge. Electronic workflow can help you to do just that. 

Increase Efficiency and Productivity

Finding ways to improve your efficiency is important for law firms to survive. Automated workflows and electronic documents all allow you to complete more billable tasks in the same amount of time as before and even with greater accuracy. Automating legal case management, with all of its complexity, can remove inefficiencies and give you a competitive edge that can help grow your customer base and the business. 

Improved Customer Service

You will be able to provide your clients with more responsive and reliable service delivery. Living in a world where technology allows us to be connected at all times, it is no wonder that clients expect the same connectivity experience from your law firm. 

With electronic workflow and documents, your office will have the ability to answer any questions that are linked to a client and review and approve any information from anywhere at any given time, through email and mobile devices, which benefits the client but also allows you to move on to your next task faster. 

Technology is different now and has caught up with the needs of law firms. With digital documents and flexible workflow customization, you can now improve client experience, improve your bottom line, increase the productivity of your firm and keep all confidential information securely.  

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