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5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Copier or Printer

It could be that you feel like purchasing a new copier or printer might seem insignificant regarding business decisions. It seemed like a costly buy alongside ramifications in the long term. It can likewise bring negative and positive results for the rest of the team in the coming years. 

Remember this device can last for like seven years in the business. If you have chosen it inappropriately, it might last for a decade or more, thus you are enjoying a reliable and well-suited machine. But if you have chosen it poorly, face constant headaches, frustrations, and breakdowns. 

Now when buying a copier or printer, you’ll be coming across thinking if it’s better to have a solid ink, LED, or inkjet type. Will it be okay to just stick with a single function or multi-function? You will also decide whether to settle with the one with the most features. 

If you arrive at the wrong decision, it might cost you more money not only now but in the long term. To help you decide, here are the 5 questions to ask before buying a copier or printer.

5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Copier or Printer
  1. Is It Capable of Meeting Office Printing Needs?

Remember that each business varies the same with print and copy needs. There is no such thing as one size that fits all copiers or printers. This is true in whatever industry you may be in. Thus, it is essential to understand completely the organization’s particular printing demands before you commit to another machine. 

The team of your business must carry out a complete analysis of the current printing environment of your company. In this process, it highlights the current wishes, needs, pain points, and many more. Other essential things to analyze include the number of pages that your business prints every month. It will also include the employees that use the device, the number of printing costs every year, the times that you print in mono versus colour, and the present printing security measures.

  1. What is the Paper that you Use?

Will you only just be printing documents? Will you even print huge sizes of paper, special papers, envelopes, labels, and photographs? If yes, you must search for a printer with a second tray that feeds on special formats of paper. Consider as well if you like a printer that best supports automatic and duplex printing or dual printing. With duplex printing, it saves you money and time.

  1. What is the cost of toner and ink?

There will be continuous costs of toner and ink that are more significant as compared to the printer’s immediate cost. Thus, before you buy a copier or printer, investigate further the costs of toners and inks for the printing cost. These are consumables that can add up to the money you spent. If the printer comes cheaper, the consumables can be a lot pricier. Never only consider the price of the specific consumables. You must likewise consider the number of pages, on average, that the cartridge could print before it gets out to dry. Other manufacturers are offering a subscription-based type of ink service. This will for sure save you tons of money provided the printing goes regularly. It’s worth investigating if this comes in a printing offering.

  1. What upgrades will I need to boost office productivity?

It is the sales representative that will serve as your resource for the upgrades. They know the products they sell. Never be afraid in describing the way the office functions and the jobs that take place in the environment. Talk about a lot of things so you will move forward. Keep in mind office equipment comes with additional productivity tools. 

  1. What Connectivity Does Your Business Need?

You like your printer or copier to turn on to connect in a modern office. But if there are more options, the device becomes a better option. Other than USB connectivity with the computer, the majority of copiers would have network connectivity such as Wi-Fi. When needing printing from a mobile or cloud device, you must obtain one which supports technologies such as Google Cloud Print or Apple AirPrint. 

Now, you have learned 5 questions to ask before buying a copier or printer!

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